Riley -- Open Cane Thread
Riley -- With Alice ;)
Riley -- With Alice ;)
Kalista Stills -- YAY! its back yall!
Kalista Stills -- Hi!!!!
Kalista Stills -- ill be writing some folks back today. Let me know if anyone wants to do a gala post! I haven't got to play with some of you at! And,i'll be off in Dallas for my journalism convention for about five days at the end of the month!!
Evelyn Pierce -- Well hi lol
Kalista Stills -- AWWW! i was all excited to say hi to everyone after this busy last couple of days!
Evelyn Pierce -- Well that's shitty
Riley -- :This is current as of 6:20 PM (Central US Time)
Riley --
Riley -- Discord appears to be down, their website states they are looking into the issues.
Caroline Moor -- Open thread at the chocolate fountain!
Tansy Starr -- Tag for Jamie!
-- Talo - Luca/Lizzy
-- Tag/End MJ
Riley -- Tag for Jamie/MJ.
-- Tag @Tansy Starr
Tansy Starr -- Tag @Jamie