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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Ben Sasson Vampire 17-July 17 52
Camille Dubois Vampire 14-August 17 44
Charlie Sinclair Vampire 31-December 17 9
Desdemona DeVille Vampire 10-January 18 7
Lucian Dragomir Vampire 11-February 17 105
Lyric Lagos Vampire 13-December 17 15
Malachi Barton Vampire 4-November 17 4
Manuel Maldonado Vampire 19-January 18 18
Megan Gray Vampire 16-February 18 14
Nathan Oliver Vampire 22-October 17 39
Sebastian Devereux Vampire 10-January 14 168
Vahid Shirazi Vampire 17-July 17 53
William O'Malley Vampire 16-June 17 135
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