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Hello friends! Feel free to join us in our Discord by clicking the link below! This is GUEST FRIENDLY!

D-Shoutbox Shouts

#2062 Shouted By: Devon Flanaugh
22nd February 2018
Devon is ready for review

#2061 Shouted By: Alexia Hawthorne
7th February 2018
Lexi is ready for review!

#2060 Shouted By: Lulamae Grimaldi
4th February 2018
Lulamae is ready for review!

#2059 Shouted By: Ren Dawson
3rd February 2018
Ren is ready for review!

#2058 Shouted By: Harrier
2nd February 2018

#2057 Shouted By: Sloan Bradley
2nd February 2018

#2056 Shouted By: By the By
2nd February 2018
Vincent is ready to go!

#2055 Shouted By: Sloan Bradley
1st February 2018
Sloan is ready for review!

#2054 Shouted By: Revanche Baudin
23rd January 2018

#2053 Shouted By: Poppy Gray
23rd January 2018
Ok, I think poppy is ready

#2052 Shouted By: Walter von Richtofen
17th January 2018
Cool, I try to get on discord later. At my work PC right now...

#2051 Shouted By: Beth
12th January 2018
@Walter Von Richtofen Hi there. We have a discord server you can join us on

#2049 Shouted By: H
10th January 2018
Hey @walt - This is our tag board. If you look to the toggle box, we have a discord server you can join! :)

#2048 Shouted By: Walter von Richtofen
10th January 2018
Hey there.

#2047 Shouted By: Xav
26th December 2017

#2046 Shouted By: Jeremiah Adams
25th December 2017

#2044 Shouted By: Lyric Lagos
13th December 2017
Lyric is ready for review!

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